Developmental Neuropsychological Services


Gold-standard diagnostic evaluations and recommendations for memory loss, possible Alzheimer's, mental health, learning, reading/math disabilities, and behavioral problems.

Neuropsychological and Psychological Evaluations

ADHD Evaluations (children, teenagers, college students, adults)

Autism Spectrum and Aspeger's

Head Injury Evaluations

(Memory, emotional, or learning problems following head injuries or multiple concussions)

Behavioral Management

Empirically-supported strategies to improve your child's or teenager's behavior.

Academic Evaluations

Assess for the presence of specific learning disabilities, including reading and math.

Memory and Dementia Evaluations

Assess current cognitive/memory skills, understand risk of decline, and discuss memory loss prevention strategies.

Genetic and Sleep Apnea testing

APOE genetic testing to understand dementia risk. Same-day sleep study options through At-Home Sleep Apnea Testing of South Bend.