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Anxiety? Panic Attacks? Avoiding things?

Help your anxiety with immersive 3D and 360 degree virtual reality exposure-therapy based experiences to use with VR headsets. Use alone, for curiosity, or use in combination with cognitive-behavioral therapy.


Snoring? Tired? Inattentive?

Fast, accurate, and simple sleep apnea testing in your own bed. Device syncs with your smart phone. Physician report within 48 hours. Same day appointments often possible.

At-Home Sleep Apnea Testing of South Bend Visit:

Advantage Memory Care, LLC

Supporting a branded ecosystem of empirically-supported strategies to help maintain memory.

Website and products coming soon

Center for Integrative Dementia Research and Prevention (CIDR-P)

A non-profit whose mission is to contribute to the understanding and prevention of dementia by facilitating analysis strategies in individuals at-risk. IRS tax free application in progress.

Website coming soon